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Several years ago our company contracted with Eagle Global Logistics (EGL)to ship a large cabinet of electronics from our factory across the country to a customer in the East (a university). We bought extra insurance from Global, because it was worth more than the nominal insured value per pound. Shortly after shipping it they could not tell us where it was- it could not be tracked. We called them every day, sometimes several times a day, trying to locate it. It was finally found by the university. A different address had been placed over the one we had applied ( still present under it and readable) to an obscure part of the university, where it could not be located for a week. This seems to us to have been a deliberate act to escape the responsibility for the consequences.

The device had been totally destroyed. Every face of the heavy steel cabinet was stove in several inches, including the top and bottom. Everything inside was totally smashed and useless.

Eagle Global then refused to pay for the damage, because it wasn't reported within 24 hours. Of course it wasn't, as their false address made it impossible to find. We were never able to collect anything from them on our claim, and were left with a loss of many thousands of dollars.

We will certainly never ship anything with this company again.

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